Welcome…and a little gift!

Ah, I hate starting a new blog. I never know quite what to say. So to avoid all that awkward introductory stuff, let’s get stuck in straight away with a nice little freebie pattern! I’m not much of a one for freebies, so don’t get too used to this, but since the pattern itself is only 2 lines long and I had so much fun knitting the sample, I don’t mind giving it away. So here it is…

Bite Stars scarf

Bite Stars: a reversible cowl, which can be knit in just about any weight of yarn.

I knit my sample in Babylonglegs Semi~Precious in one of Sarah’s many fabulous shades of teal – I think I picked this one up at Knit Nation the year before last, as a birthday gift to myself. I wanted to design something with it that I would want to wear all the time, and that’s definitely worked! The yarn is so deliciously soft, I just need to have it next to my skin all the time. And the name comes from one of my favourite songs of all time, Bleach by Easyworld – because this cowl makes me just about as happy as the song!

Head on over to Ravelry to download the pattern, then get rummaging through your stash for the perfect skein.