TV Knitting

I’ve had a couple of exciting bits of news in the past month or so, so I thought I should record that properly as a blog post – two of my patterns have found their way onto the TV, thanks to the lovely folks at LoveKnitting.

The first was the Text Santa stocking – this was a bit of a last-minute knit, which I was asked to design to support the Text Santa campaign just before Christmas. The Lorraine Show on ITV wanted to fill a stocking with exciting goodies and auction it off for charity – but they needed a stocking! A lot of lovely yarn and a few late nights resulted in this classic festive pattern. If you want to get a look at my first moment of fame, it’s over on the ITV site here.

Next in the spotlight was the Keeper of My Heart sweater. LoveKnitting contacted me again to ask if I had any knitwear they could borrow for an exciting little project – a TV advert. I had a little bit of a rummage and found this jumper, which I’d originally designed for Knit Now Issue 51. The advert is on TV screens now or you can find it on YouTube here. You can catch a glimpse of my jumper about 20 seconds in to the ad – but look closer and you’ll also spot lots of wonderful knitters and gorgeous projects. If you fancy knitting the jumper but you don’t have a copy of Knit Now Issue 51, it’s now available from LoveKnitting here.

p.s. I’ve given the blog a bit of a makeover – what do you think?

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