Healing Hands of Autumn

Well, we’re truly into autumn here now. There’s no green left in the trees, the clocks have gone back and the weather is getting rather chilly, so it’s about time to get your new winter sweater on the needles. And if you want something you’ve got a decent chance of finishing before June, I have something for you.

It’s designed for aran weight wool (or something steekable), knit bottom up in on piece, with simple shaping at the sides and puff sleeves, finishing with a stranded yoke covered in autumn leaves and acorns. It’s available in 18 sizes to fit 28″-62″ bust and I’ve done my best to make sure it fits well right the way through the size range. I’ve been wearing mine solidly since it  came off my needles a few weeks ago.

Healing Hands of Autumn: Available now for pre-order at £2.50 (will be £5 on launch, 7th November).

p.s. I’ll gift a copy of the pattern to the first person to figure out the name reference. ETA: Kat wins! It’s one of many many Indigo Girls references in my life.

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