Errata: Radley Dog

There are just a couple of things that have picked up by people who are knitting this pattern, so I thought I’d jot them down here.

1. There are a couple of places where the row numbering goes out of sequence. The instructions are still correct, it’s just that the numbering is wrong.

2. The following abbreviations were missed from the list:

  • Sl1: Slip one
  • Kfb: Knit into front and back of the same st
  • Pfb: Purl into front and back of the same st

If you notice any other problems, just give me a shout and I’ll add a note here.

11 thoughts on “Errata: Radley Dog

  1. Problem with row 9 I can only get to 20 stitches at the end of this row – 28 +1 cast off 8 and purl 2 tog. Help please!

  2. Hi Kate. Problem is with instructions for row 9 are (starting with 28sts) : Sl1, p6,w&t,K5, kfb,k1,turn, cast off 8, p to last 3sts, p2tog,pl =21 sts. and I can only get 20sts. You are gaining 1st with the kfb then losing 8 then losing 1 more. Am I going wrong somewhere?

      1. I have the same problem as the others above. Does this mean that as the correct stitch count for Row 9 is 20sts should the remaing ones all be decreased by 1 stitch?

  3. I am new to knitting toys and dogs and don’t understand this Radley Dog pattern when it says to do the second side, it says to reverse it and replace all knits stitches with purl. Eh? So ALL stitches are now purl? And how do I reverse, does that mean to start at the end of each row now instead?!!!

      1. Thanks Alex, I did work it out in the end (think I was having a ‘blonde’ day!) I have knitted several of these now. Practice makes perfect!

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