Wool Week Day 7: Victory!

I can’t believe it. I actually did it. A jumper in a weekend. All blocked, seams sewn, ends woven in, with two hours to spare! I used just under 9 balls, and that’s with adding 5cm to the length in the hips because I’m quite tall.

Verdict on the pattern: it’s fabulous. The shaping is absolutely perfect (at least for me – I knit the 2X), the pattern zooms by without ever getting boring and the finished thing is super-flattering. Have I mentioned how much I love Michaela? Because I do. A lot.

I hope you all had an excellent wool week, doing excellent woolly things. Can’t wait for next year!

For those who want to knit this pattern, it’ll be in issue 15 of Knit Now, which is on sale 15th November. I have it early because…well…editor’s privilege!

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