Wool Week day 5: Proof that I’ve finally lost my marbles

See this? Yarn, needles and a pattern. I bought it 3 hours ago at Purl City Yarns. By the end of Wool Week (Sunday night) it will be a jumper. The pattern is one we’ll be publishing in a future issue of Knit Now – a cute little jumper by Michaela Moores. I fell in love with it the moment I saw Mich’s sketch and when I was editing the pattern earlier today I made a snap decision – I had to knit it. So I dashed accross town to PCY and picked up some Adriafil Stella Alpina, a 100% wool aran weight yarn. In blue. Yeah. Another blue jumper, I know.

So yeah, a couple of hours and one ball later, I’m here and about to start the decreases. And I’m loving it. Let’s see how it looks tomorrow…


Yeah, I know, I missed Day 4. I was sleepy after travelling 1000 miles in 2 days! Needless to say, the return journey was amazing, we finished all the sewing up (largely down to the incredible passion and organisation of Marie Wallin) and the flag was unfurled and we were all very smug and stuff. 

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