Kate bakes

I love knitting, but sometimes it’s nice to turn my crafty skills to other areas, and baking is one of my favourites – because there’s cake at the end! We have a baking rota in the office (every other week, someone brings in cakes and sells them to raise money for charity) and it’s my turn this week. So, I knocked these up…

These are my “standard” brownies. Basic brownie mixture + fudge + all the chocolate you can get your hands on + coffee.


These are white chocolate brownies, with a healthy dose of dried cranberries and a handful of pink chocolate buttons and a splash of strawberry flavouring.

And last but by no means least, my mum’s contribution – coconut ice. And because my mum is well…my mum, they’ve got a good splosh of coconut rum mixed in for an extra kick.

Hopefully these should raise a few pennies for a good cause, and help us all get through Monday in the office!


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