On 19th August, a small black cat was taken in by the RSPCA. They named her Seren, which is Welsh for Star.


She had been found with a cable tie embedded in her neck, which the RSPCA believed to have been a deliberate act of cruelty. I won’t show you a photo of how she was when she was found, but this is the scar as it was starting to heal.


Seren was taken in by a foster family, who found her to be unbelievably sweet, loving and playful. That a cat who had been so abused by humans could still be so friendly is absolutely remarkable.

Seren playing with her foster family
Seren playing with her foster family

Unfortunately, she wasn’t so keen on other cats! So, she was taken to a local cattery, where she was looked after very well, but she didn’t have much space to play. It was only a temporary solution – she was put up for adoption as soon as her scar had fully healed.

Seren's online dating profile
Seren’s online dating profile photos

Seren’s photos and story were posted on the RSPCA website and on their facebook page on 2nd September, and her wait to find a new home began. Unfortunately, it was to be a long wait so after a while, the RSPCA issued a special appeal, asking their supporters to spread the word. Three of my friends tagged me or posted this on my wall.

598571_539329952804107_2069044750_nLittle did they know, I’d already started looking for a cat and, having told myself that I would deliberately seek out a rescue cat who was finding it hard to get adopted, I’d spotted Seren on the RSPCA website and fallen in love with her. I got in touch with the RSPCA and arranged to go and meet her the next week. As soon as I saw her, and she saw me, the deal was done. She cuddled up to me straight away and started purring – definitely not typical cat behaviour!

IMG_8545So here we are, and Seren (full name Serenity Katherine Heppell, because we’re geeks and also everyone in this house must be called some version of Kate/Katie/Kathleen/Catherine) has been here nearly 2 months. She’s honestly the most loving, fussy, ridiculous, perfect cat I’ve ever known. Yes, she’s also completely nuts (she likes to have fights with the dining chairs and she makes a noise like an old-fashioned telephone ringing when she wants something) but she’s wonderful. She’s currently curled up on my belly, having purred herself to sleep about an hour ago. It still brings a tear to my eye to think of what she’s been through, but I’m just so happy to be able to give her something better.

Sadly, there are still hundreds of cats out there looking for homes. If you are able to, please consider contacting your local shelter and asking about rehoming a rescue cat. I promise you won’t regret it.



2 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. I just discovered your beautiful designs on Ravelry, and when I checked your blog I saw this and had to respond. Both of my cats were strays – my old girl Bamako just passed away a month ago at age 18, and I still look for her every day. She was found by my mother-in-law in the road, alone and hungry, at age approximately 2 weeks! I had to bottle-feed her at first. Our younger cat, Fuzzball Phil (named by my son), adopted from the cat shelter, is the most snuggly, lovable cat anyone could ever hope for. Seren is lovely and I’m so glad the two of you have found each other – you will both benefit.

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