Knitting In Circles

I’m delighted to be part of knitting superstar Nicky Epstein’s blog tour, for her latest book, Knitting in Circles.

The book is definitely one of the most intriguing to have landed on my desk this year – full to the brim of circular motifs in lace, cables and colourwork. And as if that’s not enough, there are also loads of patterns for garments and accessories to make with your knitted circles! It’s a real tour de force, and definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for inspiration to knit something a little different.

As part of the blog tour, I got the opportunity to ask Nicky a few quick-fire questions. So here, dear reader, is a little glimpse inside the mind of a genius!

What’s more important to you – enjoying the process of knitting or loving the finished object, and why?

 Both! I love the process but when it is finished, I love it, and love the prospect of going on to the next design.

 If you could design your own perfect yarn, what would it be?

 Yarn spun with Angel Hair or Unicorn Mane.

 What’s your earliest knitting memory?

 Wrapping my Barbie Doll in a white shawl, that was my first and not too perfect knitting piece.

 What do you think is going to be the next big thing in knitting?

 My next book!

Now, do you fancy getting your hands on a copy of the book? Of course you do! Just leave a comment here before the end of October, and I’ll pick the name of the winner from a (circular) hat.

So, many thanks to Nicky and to her lovely publishers, GMC for organising the tour. If you’d like to visit some of the other stops, they are:

10 thoughts on “Knitting In Circles

  1. This book looks fascinating. I Have a few of Nicky’s other books and always find them full of inspiration!

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