Wool Week day 2: Choo choo!

A midday train to Edinburgh may not have the same poetic ring to it as the midnight train to Georgia, but I take my happy where I find it and I’m going to have this in my head for the next few days because I’m going to be celebrating Wool Week in style with an amazing bunch of people aboard a train between London and Edinburgh!

Representatives in teams from colleges, designers, artisans, knit organisations and editors (that’s me!) are taking part in a mission named ‘The Clickety Click on the Clickety Clack’. All given a challenge to create an amazing super-size knitted Union Jack flag designed by Marie Wallin of Rowan (who will be there too), in gorgeous British wool.  By the time we get back to King’s Cross, we’ll have knitted a giant woolly flag – exciting, no?

We head off tomorrow, so check back here then for an update on how we’re doing. And maybe a picture of me at Platform 9 3/4 if I can con someone into pointing my camera at me…

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